One of the greatest advantages of online casinos is that many of them are available on mobiles too. Mobile casinos are full of easy to play slots that can be accessed in seconds and played anywhere. As a result, the remote gambling sector is now more popular than high-street casinos. The benefits of a casino right on your mobile device are just too great. So, most gamblers today have a mobile slots casino they prefer over any other gambling operator or site.

Mobile Slots Games

A mobile slots casino is basically any online gambling site that’s accessible via mobile devices and tablets. It goes without saying that mobile slots are a crucial part of such casinos. It’s precisely the slot games that allow real-money gambling and draw the players in.
Such casinos have loads of mobile slots and often other games, too. They can be based on pure luck or skill, but the ability to wager money is what makes a mobile slots casino stand out from other forms of online entertainment.

Other than that, a single mobile slots casino may look completely different from another one and have different software too. In the mobile gambling industry today, there are many casino operators, platforms and partners that make mobile casinos possible. Whatever your mobile device or tablet, there’s a casino for you. The most popular platforms are, of course, Android and Apple iOS, though these aren’t the only ones.

Each mobile slots casino operator and developer creates unique software and other products to offer to customers. Such popularity leads to a fascinating variety of games and player experience that each user can individually choose. So, the world of mobile gambling is vast and it’s expanding all the time, especially in the recent years. As new mobile slots are released every month, it gets even larger and ever more popular.

How To Play Slots On Your Mobile?

Starting to play mobile slots is very easy. All you have to do is grab your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet and find a site to play at. There are literally hundreds of mobile casino operators and some have more than one mobile slots casino too. There are countless sites and guides on the internet helping new players to choose a site. Some of the best mobile casinos are also included right here, just below.

Once you’ve found a mobile slots casino site you like, create an account and you’ll be ready to play. Registration is usually very quick and will take no more than just a few minutes of your time. Most mobile casino sites will have multiple options for playing their slots. The simplest way is to find a game on their site, open it and gamble straight from your browser.
Another option is to download that casino’s app and play by navigating it. Although setting up an app will take a few more seconds at first, it’s often the best choice. Once you have a dedicated app, getting to your mobile slots casino will be as fast and easy as possible. Available right from your home screen, it will be just a single tap away from you at all times.

What’s more, using an app will make finding all the slots easier. They will also be faster to load as some of the data will be stored on your device. If you stick to the casino website though, everything will stay online and will have to be downloaded every time. As a result, downloading the mobile slots casino app will also save your mobile data in the long run.

5 Reasons To Choose Mobile Slots Casino

Below you’ll find all the main reasons for choosing a mobile slots casino instead of a land-based or an online casino. This list of five reasons doesn’t exhaust the topic and is nowhere near a complete list of advantages. However, this should be enough to help you make the choice as the included reasons are the most important for the majority of players.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Accessibility is undoubtedly the most obvious and most often reiterated reason why people play at mobile slots casinos. Since the site and all the games are accessible on mobile, you can have fun wherever you are and at any time. Well, as long as you have your mobile device with you, anyway.

People use this advantage to gamble while on public transport or while waiting in a queue. What if you’re a busy person and can’t dedicate your time to gambling at all? As a member of a mobile slots casino, you can spend five minutes every day to gambling during your lunchtime! This wouldn’t be possible any other way, so many people choose mobile gambling for this very reason.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that could go wrong. You still need an internet connection as no casino games work without it. Since they’re real-money gambling games, slots are always connected to the main server of the mobile slots casino operator. It is to this server that a slot sends the outcome of each spin you make when you play.
That’s not to say that a casino decides these outcomes. This is done for only one reason, and that is to register any winnings you make instantly. So, if you lose your internet connection for some reason, your game will automatically stop.

Another issue is the battery of your mobile device. Running out of energy is an issue that many gamblers on the go run in very often. It isn’t easy to track your phone and its energy when you’re immersed in an exciting game. Luckily, issues like these are easy to prevent by checking them before you play. In the end, slots are accessible anywhere and anytime when you play on a phone or tablet.

Quick Access To Mobile Slots

Similarly, all mobile slots casino customers have a quick access to their favourite games. Not only is it faster and easier to launch them on mobiles instead of laptops or PCs, they are equally available and just as easy to play. As already mentioned, having an app of an online casino helps a great deal.
Plus, all the other services related to gambling take less time too. Payment solutions are often faster and require fewer steps to set up and use. The same could be said about launching the games and their running speed. Of course, it may also depend on your device, but most of us have really powerful devices nowadays.

A lot of online slot games have been updated to run on mobile not long ago. Besides, many of them are still being updated to this day. Virtually, the number of mobile slots is very near the number of slots that run on a desktop. All these reasons prove that a mobile slots casino user has quicker and more comfortable access to such slots and other casino games.

More Payment Methods Available

Speaking of casino payments and money transferring operations, a mobile slots casino will often come on top too. Since a different device is involved, such sites also offer additional payment methods that were created specifically for mobile devices or tablets. At the same time, all the usual methods can be used as well, assuming they’re compatible with phones.
Furthermore, these special payment methods were created specifically for use on the go. They’re fast to set up or require no setting up at all, they’re easy to use and quick to process. So, it’s just another plus for users of any mobile slots casino.

Many different types of payment have been adapted to tablets, phones and mobile slots casino sites. For example, you could be using your bank card to pay straight from your phone. There are e-wallets dedicated to mobile devices, online banking intermediary services and companies that offer new technologies for payments.
Then again, many mobile retailers and developers are coming up with their own money transferring solutions. For example, those who play slots on Samsung devices can use an online banking app called Samsung Pay. Similar software is available on products of other major companies. The most popular are iOS devices and the app called Apple Pay. Besides, we aren’t even talking about mobile invoicing, a method that’ll probably become the hottest payments service in the upcoming years.

Bank card is just one of many ways you can pay at a mobile slots casino, though. A unique and popular alternative is pay by phone bill option which is exclusive to phones and mobile-compatible casinos. There are many different pay by phone bill services available worldwide. The most popular choice around the world is Boku, but many other companies offer their own phone billing payments in various countries.

Mobile Slots Casino Bonuses

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, gambling sites online offer bonuses and events for their players with an opportunity to win something extra. Nowhere is this practice so popular like at mobile-oriented casinos, though. Mobile slots casino bonuses include all kinds of treats for their customers like extra spins, cash prizes and more.
Deposit matches and reload bonuses are also frequent. Some casinos like tournaments or raffles too. You could be winning literally anything in such events. From the newest mobile devices today to other gadgets, collectable items and even trips around the world or tickets to real-life events.
All these bonuses are a way for operators to attract more players to their own mobile slots casino. With such a huge competition between them, these means aren’t surprising at all. The thousands they spend for the gifts to their players pay off in full with an increased traffic to their site. More importantly, the players are happy too as they can enjoy bonuses that are often even more lucrative than the usual winnings from slots.

When it comes to attracting players, loyalty bonuses are very important too. Many casinos will award users that return very often to play slots at their site. Such loyalty rewards include everything we mentioned before, plus exclusive bonuses. These often include cash back bonuses, which are basically the returning of some funds you lost while gambling. Special attention may also be a part of the loyalty scheme. You may even get your manager to look after your mobile slots casino account.
To start claiming these bonuses and participating in events, simply join a mobile slots casino and check their promotions. You’ll usually find all the offers there. Make sure to read all the terms though, as most of these bonuses don’t come for free.

Mobile Slots Casino Safety And Security

Finally, a huge advantage of any mobile slots casino is its safety. Lots of people are concerned with casinos being unsafe and not trustworthy. Let alone all the dangers that lurk in the virtual world, such as online bandits and hackers. When it comes to mobile, it may seem that the security isn’t as strong and thorough as it is on desktop devices.
Such presumption couldn’t be farther from the truth, though, especially when we’re talking about a mobile slots casino. All the regulated and licenced casinos must be safe to play at. Besides, you should be joining sites operating outside of the government’s jurisdiction, anyway. If you stick to the safe mobile slots casino sites, you can be sure that they’ll use all the tools they can to ensure safety and security.

One of such safety solutions is encryption. Operators use it to cover the money transferring operations from third parties, making them inaccessible to anyone who isn’t supposed to see them. So, when you deposit or withdraw at your casino site, you can rest assured that the funds will safely reach the destination.
Additionally, every mobile slots casino will put effort into confirming your identity. Some people may not like sending their personal data, address and similar information to the casino, but it’s all for the player’s own good. Only when casino verifies your identity can you expect to claim your winnings. This way, no impostor will be able to steal your money by using your name.

What’s So Special About Mobile Slots?

Mobile slots casino games are available on phones and tablets and feature spinning reels. Just like slot machines or online slots, their mobile counterparts are very simple, yet extremely fun to play. They require no skill and just a little bit of strategizing to play well. Usually, all you have to do is select your bet size and spin the reels. If the same symbols land on one of the paylines you bet on, you win.

Since they’re so simplistic and easy, they could be easily adapted for devices will small screens such as the modern smartphones. As a result, joining a mobile slots casino is now the most popular way of gambling. Of all the gambling operators that you can reach with your phone, mobile slots casino sites are most frequently visited, too.
Aside from being easy to learn and play, slots are also very different from each other. Every slot game is unique in one way or another, so you could be exploring new software every day and still find something you’ve never seen before after years of gameplay.

Mobile-Compatible Slots

With the mobile gambling industry on the rise all the time, finding slots that would be playable on portable devices like your phone is very easy. In fact, most classic or popular slots and all the new releases are mobile-friendly. The best way to find out if a game can be played at a mobile slots casino is to search for it at the lobbies of such casinos! It if is included on the list, you can definitely give it a few spins on mobile.

There are thousands of such games and hundreds of sites to play them at. A single mobile slots casino may only offer a few dozens of such games. However, different operators also have their own partners which provide different games. As a result, the games will differ at every single site and they may be few or many. Some even have a couple thousands of mobile slots open for play anytime.

When it comes to the popularity of different games, however, things can vary even more. Some games are largely ignored upon their releases, especially if they’re made by little-known indie developers. You may have a hard time finding them at your mobile slots casino, too. At the same time, many releases by the big game studios are received with great anticipation even before the release dates.

Popular Mobile Slots Developers And Their Games

Speaking of the mobile slot games, let’s take a look at some of the most popular game studios. These are the companies that provide quality mobile slots with unique themes and features. If you’re new to the mobile slots casino world, it’s these names that you should be looking for.


NetEnt is arguably the most popular slots provider today. Their games are available at hundreds of gambling sites and almost every popular mobile slots casino has at least some of NetEnt products. What’s so special about their games is unique quality, graphics and features that are completely original.
One of the main goals of this company is to constantly challenge the usual structure and gameplay of slot games. As a result, originality is a valuable feature of every slot made by this company. People love this and casino operators have quickly noticed that. So, not only are these game available everywhere, many mobile slots casino bonuses and news also deal with NetEnt and their games.

If you aren’t a complete newbie to the mobile slots casino world, you will have heard many of their games. Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst, Divine Fortune, Mega Fortune, Aloha!, Butterfly Staxx, Jack Hammer, Joker Pro. All of these games are actually NetEnt titles, so their portfolio is probably the most impressive one in the industry.
Of course, all of the games by NetEnt can be played on all the devices. These games usually have exceptional graphics and sound effects. They allow bets from around 10p to hundreds of pounds per spin. Gameplay elements are very important in these slots and each may have up to ten distinct features, or even more of them. It’s probably pretty clear by now that their games are wanted the most by every mobile slots casino operator.


Another developer that you should know about is Quickspin. Although nowhere near as popular as NetEnt, Quickspin makes just as amazing slots. They’re full of creative features and have a strong visual and general appeal at the same time. Not every mobile slots casino has their games, but those that do are usually more fun just because of that.
It’s easy to identify a Quickspin slot because they all have the same user interface, even if these slots are completely different. This way, it’s very easy to get the ropes of a brand new game if you’ve played the company’s previous releases before.

There are quite a few popular slots that each Quickspin mobile slots casino will probably have. These are Wild Chase, Wins of Fortune, Mayana, Spinions, Razortooth, Phoenix Sun, Sticky Bandits, Big Bad Wolf and Sakura Fortune. If you’ve ever played one of these, you know that there’s much to expect from this developer.


IGT is one of the giants in the gambling industry, having been around for many years. As such, their portfolio includes all kinds of slots, from classic and simple to innovative and progressive. Speaking of progressive, IGT is the owner of the progressive jackpot slots network called Mega Jackpot. A lot of casinos are part of this network and it’s a high chance that your mobile slots casino also has some of these jackpot slots.

The Mega Jackpot slots include titles like Cleopatra, Siberian Storm, Golden Goddess and Wolf Run. Since they’re played at dozens of casinos, their jackpots tend to be high and pay frequently too. This makes IGT one of the best providers of high-paying jackpot slot games. So, every mobile slots casino operator that wants progressive jackpot slots thinks of IGT first.
Aside from these titles, you can find much more of IGT software at your mobile slots casino. The most popular slots from this developer include Da Vinci Diamonds, Apollo Rising, Pixies of the Forest, Jurassic Park and Ocean Magic.

Elk Studios

Elk Studios is a relatively new company, especially compared to IGT or NetEnt. Their first game at a mobile slots casino launched just a few years ago. However, each game they made ever since was close to perfection. This quickly led this indie developer to fame and now their games are loved by casino operators and players alike.
While most casino game studios release at least one game a month or, in some cases, a single game in two months, Elk Studios have no such deadlines. They may make one game in a month and then release the next in just four months. That’s because they want quality first and foremost. Their slots have amazing gameplay and exciting features.
Whatever the collection in your mobile slots casino is, Elk Studios games will be among the best ones. A few examples include Taco Brothers, Wild Toro, Hidden, Electric Sam, Ivanhoe and Poltava. This is actually a good part of their games, to be frank. Since the company doesn’t rush their production, they have a very small collection, but each title is a must-play. So, if you still don’t know which mobile slots casino to join, slots from Elk Studios is a significant advantage.

The Best Mobile Slots Casino

Now that you know everything about a mobile slots casino, you might choose one from our own favourite gambling sites. All of them have loads of quality mobile slots from the best developers in the industry. All of them are available on all kinds of devices and have various bonuses at all times, too. The only thing that’s left is for you to choose one and start playing!

Fortune Frenzy Mobile Slots Casino

Fortune Frenzy casino is the mobile-first casino site we’d recommend to everyone. You’ll love it especially because it has hundreds of slots from more than 20 game developers. This site is running on the Nektan platform, which is one of the most popular mobile casino platforms today. This means that there always are new casino bonuses, releases and support that is common for all the casinos powered by Nektan.

This mobile slots casino has a no deposit welcome bonus too, which means that you only have to create an account for an extra bonus. The bonus is £5 in cash that you can use for gambling. Plus, there’s a deposit match of up to £500 and 100 extra spins! All that is for new players only, while the regular players can enjoy even more amazing offers and a truly luxurious loyalty programme.

Fortune Frenzy is regulated by the Gambling Commission and its software is tested by multiple independent auditors, so you can feel safe depositing your money at it. Like every top mobile slots casino, the site also offers professional support that’s available 24/7. The site is very convenient to scroll on mobiles and tablets, too and the search includes all kinds of filters to help you discover new slots and save your time.

Fable Mobile Slots Casino

Fable Casino is a relatively new site that has instantly drawn many players in. It’s a site for those who risk more than a few pennies per spin and pays for it. The welcome bonus alone is a proof of that as there’s a £1,500 bonus ready for each new player. Talk about a lucrative mobile slots casino.

Aside from that, there’s more than a dozen of special and regular promotions at Fable Casino. These include extra spin bonuses, cash prizes, tournaments and more. A good deal of these are related to casino table games, but slots fans are at the centre of attention.

There are more payment options available at this casino than we can count. These include mobile-exclusive solutions like pay by phone bill and Skrill-1-Tap. The terms are also user-friendly and you’ll never be at a loss with the support team that has experience beyond this one casino site.

There are around 20 slots providers in this mobile slots casino and each one contributes amazing games. To give a few examples, there are titles from NetEnt, Microgaming, NextGen, Elk Studios, Thunderkick, Quickspin and many more.

PocketWin Mobile Slots Casino

PocketWin casino is a rather unusual one, but it’s also one of the best. The unusual thing about it is that it’s operated by Intouch Games. The same company creates mobile slots as well, so this casino has Intouch slots, which cannot be found anywhere else, except the other casinos of the same brand.

Not only does Pocketwin include unique slots, they have no software from other developers. This makes a casino that’s like no other. There are around 30 unique titles at this site, as well as other gambling games. It’s not the main reason why we included this mobile slots casino on our list, though.

The best feature of PocketWin is that it’s 100% mobile and you can even download each of their slots straight into your mobile phone. This way, your favourite mobile slot titles are just one tap away at all times. It’s the perfect method to win quickly, especially since all of these games have jackpots too.

That’s not all we have to say about this mobile slots casino, however. As if that wasn’t enough, the site doesn’t believe in wagering requirements, so all the bonuses you see over there are in real cash only. This even includes the no deposit bonus of £5. You get funds to gamble with as soon as you create an account and you can even withdraw all of your winnings without restrictions. All of that without having paid a single penny of your own!