Best Mobile Slots

Recently, we’ve been looking at the online gambling market and the shift from desktop games to mobile games. Indeed, the mobile market is bigger than ever and players are now more likely to play games such as blackjack and poker from their smartphones or tablets. This also includes mobile slots and these games are steadily becoming some of the most popular ways to win big online. For this reason, we thought we would look at the mobile slots market and how you can find the best games. Keep reading for some top info on mobile slots.

What are Mobile Slots?

Online slots have been around for well over a decade now but only over the last 5 or so years have they really taken off on mobile devices. This is due to the massive rise in mobile technologies and now players are more likely than ever to choose to play slots from their phones or tablets. It doesn’t matter if you own the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy, there will be plenty of compatible mobile slots to enjoy. Now that you understand what these games are it is time to begin to look for titles.

The good news is that most of the bigger developers have now released some excellent mobile slots to enjoy. You can play games from heavyweight software developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Eyecon and much more and the key thing to remember is that every developer is different with different bonus features and themes for their games. You can play mobile slots from virtually every genre available and players can enjoy games from the classic casino, adventure, fantasy, sports and much more. Most games will let you play for free before you have to play for real money so you can play before you pay.

How Do You Play Mobile Slots?

You can play mobile slots pretty much as you would with desktop slots. The objective of the game is to spin the reels to reveal symbols and uncover winning combinations. The most popular mobile slots are of the 5 reel variety but there are 3 reel games to enjoy as well. The paylines that you can enjoy will vary massively depending on the game that you choose and remember the more paylines that there are on the game, the more possible winning combinations there are to unlock.
This forms the basis of the base gameplay and then you can begin to look at some of the bonuses that will no doubt be offered by the majority of these games. You can generally claim a number of bonuses on mobile slots and these can include some classic features such as wild combinations or free spins. Every slot is different and some games may even offer bonus features that you have never encountered before. Be sure to read about the various features that you can unlock carefully before you begin to play these games for the first time.

Choosing a Mobile Slots Betting Strategy

A good betting strategy will allow you to get the most for your money so you can begin to look at the range of betting options that are available with most mobile slots. Most games will offer bets beginning from just a penny but the maximum bet will vary depending on the game that you choose. Some mobile slots will offer a maximum bet of just £40 whereas others will let you bet hundreds of pounds on a single spin and it is with these games that you have to be particularly careful.

Finding Suitable Online Casinos

Of course, you will need to find a suitable site to access these games and this is another area where new players can get confused. Finding a suitable casino will allow you to choose from a wide variety of games. Most modern mobile slots sites will offer the new player at least 200 titles to choose from and players can simply pick and choose titles that they find interesting or use the tabs located on the various casinos to search for games that they think they might enjoy.

A good welcome offer will also help you get up and running and there are plenty of these offers to consider on the majority of sites. You can claim bonus cash on most modern casino sites and this offer will usually be around the 100-200% mark and these offers usually require a deposit of around £5-10. However, some sites will offer up to £15 in bonus cash with no deposit required so you really can get more for your money if you take the time to shop around the online casino market. However, you may also be able to claim other bonuses such as free spins for various games too.

Plenty of Mobile Slots to Choose From

As we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of mobile slots to choose from on the marketplace and we often find that players will build up a library of their own games after they have played several slots for a set period of time. While the chance to win big jackpots is important, the key thing to remember is to have fun playing mobile slots. If you feel that you are not having fun then it might be time to change your strategy and try some new games for the first time.

That’s about it for our mobile slots guide and there certainly are plenty of things to consider if you plan on playing these games for the first time. Choosing a suitable casino is important and then you can begin to look at some of the individual games that exist on these sites. Think carefully about some of the things that we have raised in this guide and then you will be in a good position to try out some games for the first time. Remember to stick to a budget and then you will be good to go playing mobile slots for the first time.