SMS Casino

SMS casino sites are extremely popular nowadays due to their ease of use, convenience and security features. With this type of casino players can easily deposit their cash at their favourite SMS casino and then get stated playing all of their favourite games no matter where you are and at any time you choose! Starting to see why so many players choose to use this type of site? If you are still a little unsure of what an SMS casino actually is or how you can use one, make sure to read the rest of our article that will give you all the information that you need before you start playing!

How to Use an SMS casino

SMS casino sites are super easy to use and once you have made a deposit once using this payment method you will understand just how easy it really is and probably wonder why you never tried it out sooner!

All players need to get started playing at an SMS casino is your mobile phone! Unlike other e-wallet payment methods there is no need to create another account or anything like that. Players will, first of all, need to enter their mobile phone number to the SMS casino. The vast majority of mobile network provider allows their customers to use SMS casino sites and this includes all of the major networks such as Three, EE and O2, so don’t be worried about that side of things! Simply send the SMS casino a text message with your depositing amount and you are almost ready to start playing all of your favourite casino games.

The next step to this process is to confirm the text message that you will have received from the SMS casino. This is to confirm the payment and is a fantastic extra security feature that will help to keep your hard-earned cash safe when you are making deposits online. Players will then have their cash instantly deposited into their account ready to start playing!

Where Does This SMS Casino Cash Come From?

If you are new to playing at an SMS casino you may asking yourself, but where does this money come from if I have not handed over any of my bank details? Well, if you are depositing with a pay as you go mobile then this cash will instantly be taken off of your mobile credit, so you can top up your phone and the use this to make mobile deposits!
If you are on a mobile contract then things work slightly differently here. With this type of deposit your mobile phone provider will pay this for you and then the amount you have deposited will be added to your contract bill at the end of the month.

Be sure to double check that the casino you are signing up to does offer text messaging as a depositing method as many do not!

SMS casino sites have been growing substantially in popularity over the past few years, however, this casino term may be confusing for those of you who are completely new to playing at online casino sites. With an SMS casino site players have the option to make a deposit to the site via their mobile phone and with a simple text message. It is easy to see why this is an attractive prospect for many players and we do everything on our phone from online banking and scrolling through social media to listening to music, so why not also use text messaging to make deposits to an online casino? Click here more for more information!